Warehousing Services in China

  • Expert warehousing & distribution
  • China-wide consolidation
  • Kitting & Assembly, Packaging & Labelling
  • Strategically located near China’s 2nd largest port
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To help you increase your operations as a business, Epic Sourcing offers a full range of warehousing and supply management solutions in China, regardless of your industry. We aim to provide all UK SMEs with the tailor-made delivery solutions and logistics operations that you need on the warehouse floor.


3PL fulfillment



Inventory control

The best storage solutions

Our warehouse services in China are here to provide you with the storage solutions you need to hold goods that are to be sold or distributed later. This provides an extensive network of space for storing your products until they are needed for sale or shipment.

One of the key areas of supply chain management is choosing a suitable warehouse with the right location and infrastructure for your business needs. At Epic Sourcing, we are the ones who can provide you with that field knowledge and expertise.


Consolidate all of your products at our strategically located Ningbo warehouse.

  • Group shipments and reduce costs
  • Consolidate from multiple suppliers
  • Domestic freight coordination
  • Simplify with a single invoice
3pl solutions epic sourcing

We offer expert warehousing and distribution services for British businesses. Epic is your 3PL partner.

  • Cost-effective
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Fast and efficient
  • Small to large orders
Kitting, assembly,
packing and labelling

Our experienced team can assemble, package and label your products at a fraction of the cost of doing so in the UK.

  • Single-point packing
  • Fast and cost-effective
  • International labeling
  • Accurate assembly

Smart Warehousing Solutions In China With Epic Sourcing

Tailor made
for Australia SMEs

Our custom 3PL solutions are designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

transparent pricing

We don't do convoluted contracts. Just simple, transparent pricing.

Safe, secure
and insured

We'll take care of your products like they are our own children.

like you

We're Auckland-based and on call when you need us.

Tailor made for the UK SMEs

Our custom 3PL solutions are designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Simple, transparent pricing

We don't do convoluted contracts. Just simple, transparent pricing.

Safe, secure and insured

We'll take care of your products like they are our own children.

like you

We're London-based and on call when you need us.

China-Wide Consolidation
& Quality Control

There are many things to consider when opting to store your goods in a warehouse, such as security, space and logistics. Therefore, it is vital to first establish a list of your needs so that there can be a match between your storage needs and the warehousing solutions that are being offered.

Enhance your supply-chain management by utilising our strategically placed warehouse in Ningbo, China’s 2nd largest port. Our warehouse provides the perfect location to consolidate goods and conduct quality control inspections before they ship.

Choosing Epic Sourcing will save you time, money and stress. So all you need to do is trust us to handle everything warehousing so that you can stay focussed on your business.

Are you paying too much for warehousing in NZ?

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Are you paying too much for warehousing in the UK?

Store it offshore. We'll create a cost-effective, tailor-made China warehousing solution for your business.

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In 2021 Ningbo-Zhoushan was the 3rd largest port in the world by volume, behind only Shanghai and Singapore!

Kit it
Package it
& Label it

Our experienced team will pick and package your products according to your exact specifications. We'll prep your products for freight, distribution, and delivery.

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Lucky I found TK from google, he has the most up to date knowledge about Chinese factories, technology and import businesses to help source for products.

Tung Mang Ting

Very responsive, so helpful, have been using epic sourcing a lot this year 100% delivery service and TK is great as a sourcing person. Would I use them again....lol....I haven't stopped using them. @bodkershoes

Richard Paki

I Couldn't recommend TK from Epic Sourcing enough, he is professional, very helpful, open and willing to put in the effort and hard work to ensure his customers are happy. Highly recommend for all sourcing needs!!

Sunna Studios

Need a China based order fulfilment solution for your eCom startup?

We've got you covered. Streamline your order fulfilment without the hassle or the hefty bill.

1. Consolidate

Consolidate products from multiple suppliers in one convenient location.

2. Store

We'll store your products until an order is placed.

3. Package

We'll pick, package, and label your products as soon as an order is placed.

4. Ship

We'll ship your products direct to your customer, warehouse, or 3PL partner.

Benefits of Epic Sourcing’s Warehousing Solutions

We can offer you additional services to the initial warehousing that will help meet all your logistic needs, whilst providing the most competitive storage rates. This includes:

  • Receiving stock
  • Shipping goods on pallets
  • Tracking stored products
  • CCTV Security 24/7
Cm3 of shelving space
Monitoring and security
Happy clients (and counting)
Largest port in the world

Your complete sourcing, warehousing and distribution ecosystem

With teams on the ground in the UK and China you're tapping into an expert sourcing ecosystem that's tuned for success.

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Your dedicated account manager in London

Your expert sourcing team in China

Our network of industry-leading suppliers & manufacturers

Our complete warehousing and logistics network

Need additional support
on the ground in China?


Ship your products from A to Z on time and at the right price. We'll handle your products journey, from the factory floor to your front door (or warehouse, or store).


Remove the hassle and uncertainty of finding your ideal supplier or manufacturer in China. Connecting British businesses with the best, is what we do best.

Quality control

We'll send in our team to conduct a quality control check when you need it most. Make sure your products are ship shape, before they ship.

Check out our full suite of services here.

Your Complete Chinese Sourcing & Warehousing Solutions

Low on stock? Want to shift production to a more reliable manufacturer? Want to launch a new product? We've got the sourcing solution you seek.

The Importer

Import high-quality products

Stop playing Alibaba roulette. We'll help you find and import quality products from the best suppliers in China and Asia. Source your first product, or your next best-seller.

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The Inventor

Design & manufacture

Got a big idea? Bring a new product to life with Epic by your side. We'll connect you with the right manufacturer and guide you through the process from concept to completion.

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